Introduction to Website

My name is Chad Ryan.  I am hosting this site as a reference to the various tasks and projects that are too be completed throughout my 2016 robotics class.  I hope you find the topics throughout this website both helpful and insightful.  The websites main goal is to cover three main aspects of our class as well as giving students an opportunity to create a portfolio visible to potential employers.  The first of which is the four video presentations.  These presentations will be on various topics learned throughout the semester.  The next facet of this website will cover the professional practice paper and presentation.  The final section will be on my teams senior project, which we refer to as the “Foginator”.


First Aspect – Video Projects

The videos are a way for us to show how much we have learned throughout this semester.   There are four different video entrees.  The topics for these vary and some are still TBA.  The topics are on what i found to be interesting throughout the semester without overlapping other students.  To see what topics i have chosen so far and to see more about these please go through the different tabs located at the top of the page.


Second Aspect – Professional Practice Project

The professional practice was a chance for the students to go out and research on a topic in their field of study.  By doing this one became more aware of professional and ethical issues and responsibilities relating to our professions.  I choose to write my paper on I choose to write my paper on successful people in the fields of electrical engineering and computer engineering.  To read on about the successful engineers i believe changed our field for the better please click on the tab at the top of the page.


Final Aspect – Foginator Project

The Foginator project is a fully functional greenhouse system that utilizes a new growing technique referred to as Fogponics.  Fogponics is a mix between aeroponics and hydroponics.  The Fogponics idea was created in attempt to start a new way of farming that can be done vertically instead of horizontally.

Before going into much detail on the project i would like to introduce you to the Foginator team.  Our team consists of three members.  The first is Tj Thomas, who is a circuits expert that is currently attending the University of Scranton for his undergrad in electrical engineer.  The next team member is Nathan Williams.  Nate is a gifted mechanical mind and is a wiz at implementing and integrating projects.  Nate is also going to school for his undergrad for electrical engineering at the University of Scranton.  The final member of our group is myself.  I am currently attending the University of Scranton for electrical engineering.  As a hobby over the last break, i built and interfaced an RC car to an iPhone app.  With these our backgrounds in mind the next task was to breakdown the project into sections and decide who would tackle each task.

The project was broken down into three main tasks; The structure, the sensing, and the communication.   We decided that Nate should tackle the structure of the project which consists of making the greenhouse and also finding a way to deliver fog to the plants.  We choose Nate for this aspect, because his background made him best suited to finish this portion of the project.  TJ was tasked with the sensors aspect of the project.  This consists of reading and storing the data that is needed in order to control the conditions within the greenhouse environment.  Some of these sensors include lighting levels, humidity, and various temperature levels.  With the structure and the sensing aspects of the project underway this left the communication aspect for myself.  The communication system we decided on was an Android device that would allow an individual to read the sensor from an easy to use app.  The application will also allow a user to override the individual  components of the structure.  This involves the lighting, drains, and airflow of the structure.

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Additional information on Projects

For additional information one can visit the tab at the top of the page which will show you my laboratory notebook.  My Lab notebook shows the various code that i created to make both the website, the camera work, and to read the sensor data.