An introduction to the Kinect Robot project

The Kinect robot’s main goal is to aid in the rehabilitation of physical therapy patients by allowing the patient to act as an input device for an autonomous robot. On the main Kinect project page a more in depth description is given, however the objective of this page is not to give an overview of what the project does its to give a backstory as to why we, including lab partner Robert Dudik, decided to choose this as our senior design project. The project began life as a way to use existing Kinect programming that was previously developed by past University of Scranton students and expand upon it. The idea of controlling a robot seemed very interesting at the time because ,when the Kinect was new, it was ground breaking to see a Kinect sensor control a autonomous robot. Not to mention there exists many open source libraries for Kinect that can make programming in C# easier as none of the other members in the group had programmed in C# before. The Kinect robot became an ideal way of implementing hardware with hopefully a small amount coding required.

ECE454 Senior Design Project