The purpose of this website it to post everything about my activity with my robotics class and most importantly my activity with the my senior project, the Foginator. To see the actual project website where all information about the project will be listed and updated, click here => Foginator Project Website.

What is the Foginator?

The reason for making this project was to answer the question of how to control environmental factors harming food production in order to grow a food based plant which can be affordable and readily available. The answer to this question is The Foginator Project. To complete this project, a multidisciplinary team of electrical engineering and biology students are working to complete The Foginator, a self-contained, autonomous, and adaptive system for sustainable plant growth.

In order to accomplish this project, there is four major parts, the design, the sensing, the Android application to monitor the the plant environment, and the information to actually grow the plant. I will be heading the sensing portion of the project.

The Foginator Team

My task to to be able implement sensors (light, humidity, temperature, water level, O2, CO2, and pH) to be able to successfully control the plant environment so the plant can grow at maximum efficiency.

My partner Nathan Williams is working on the design portion of the project. He will go through the creation of plant box and

My partner Chad Ryan  is working on the Android Applicication to be able to monitor and control the sensors for the environment. We will be working together more and more as the project continues.

Finally, the information on actually growing a plant and what the best temperature and other data is for plant growth will be a team effort where the engineers will work closely with the biology students.