Automated Catan Project – Standards

  • Rules of Settlers of Catan – we will carefully adapt the official rules from the game into our automated board game.
  • Coin Size – the tokens to represent the resources will be built to a standard poker chip size.
  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Plastic – the 3D printer here works best with this standard form of printing plastic.
  • 9V Battery – standard power source for electronics
  • Resistors – used standard resistor values and colors
  • DC Motors – will use the standard stepper and servo motors
  • Voltage into Arduino will be a standard value of 5V
  • Probability – we will implement a program to simulate rolling two dice with a 1/6 chance to roll any number on a six-sided die
  • Size of Pieces – the game pieces will follow the precedent from the official settlers of Catan game
  • Buttons – we will incorporate standard buttons to activate the automated board game.
  • Switches – we will use switches to adjust the dispersion of the resources
  • LEDs – use a standard 2V across each LED