The Deliverables for our Automated Catan game is:

  • Dispenser – to distribute the chips autonomously so that no one can forget or over take certain pieces. To prevent cheating
  • Record Points – To keep score between players. First one to 10 points win. Points are tallied on settlements, roads, cities, and victory point chips
  • Read the different Chips submitted back into the board – Dispense one chip into the slot, and using a pixy camera to tell the game which stepper motor to open to drop the chip in its right place
  • Randomize Board placements – So that every game can be different and not a dominant spot on the board is known before the game starts
  • Automated Player (AI) – The minimum amount of people to play is 4, so if 3 people are playing, an AI will take over the fourth person so that a game can be played
  • Online Interaction – Having a hand be controlled via the internet from another player so that internet competitions can take place
  • Record different roads and objectives in the game – To help with the points that are recorded so that the game can be fully autonomous