Standards for Automated Catan Game

  • Coin Size – The standard of the coin size is depicted on the size of a common casino chip
  • ABS Plastic – The standard plastic used for the 3D-printer that is also safe for people to use
  • 9V Battery – Standard voltage limit for game boards that is safe for the public
  • Resistors – Standard resistor size and standard resistor color values
  • Vin Arduino Standard – The amount of voltage that an Arduino can take is only, at max, 5v.
  • Probability – The standard on the size and probability on two 6 figured dice. 
  • Size of Pieces – Standard so that is not too small for younger players and not too big so that it is still portable
  • Buttons – Standard size, 3 pronged pins, and standard reaction time
  • PWM – From 0-255 on a Arduino controller
  • LEDs – From 0-255 on a Arduino controller

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