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EE454 Robotics Design


  1. Coin Size
    1. The standard of the coin size is depicted on the size of a common casino chip
  2. ABS Plastic
    1. The standard plastic used for the 3D-printer that is also safe for people to use
  3. 9V Battery
    1. Standard voltage limit for game boards that is safe for the public
  4. Resistors
    1. Standard resistor size and standard resistor color values
  5. Vin Arduino Standard
    1. The amount of voltage that an Arduino can take is only, at max, 5v.
  6. Probability
    1. The standard on the size and probability on two 6 figured dice.
  7. Size of Pieces
    1. Standard so that is not too small for younger players and not too big so that it is still portable
  8. Buttons
    1. Standard size, 3 pronged pins, and standard reaction time
  9. PWM
    1. From 0-255 on a Arduino controller
  10. LEDs
    1. From 0-255 on a Arduino controller

Professional Practice Topic

The purpose of this paper is to discuss sustainable engineering practices within modern America. Companies are now taking to sustainable practices by implementing them into their own models in ways that’s beneficial towards society, themselves, and the environment. Through discussion of how this is managed, this paper will break down the steps through five stages. First, a statistical analysis will be performed based on a percentage of sustainable practices that have led to positive outcomes. Next, scientific and engineering principles will be discussed and applied to the current topic, citing how specific science is involved and how an engineering method could be implemented in its place. Furthermore, the professional responsibilities that are expected of companies will be viewed. Finally, this paper will conclude with an overview of the ethical responsibilities that follow with sustainable practices.

Project Deliverables

  1. Game board capable of being randomized
    1. Board will use random number generator to place resource specific tiles in each place with a number corresponding to that tile
  2. RNG Dice Rolling Code
    1. Random number generator will complete a dice roll for players 
  3. Automated card dispenser
    1. Depending on the dice roll and where players have settlements or cities, the mechanism inside the board will distribute cards based on the number rolled
  4. Board records points automatically
    1. The board will keep track of the points accumulated by players based on the number of settlements / cities, victory points due to development cards, longest road and / or largest army
  5. Game pieces with specific resistor values
    1. Cities, settlements, roads, and the robber will have resistor values specific to each player in order for the board to distribute cards and points, accordingly

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